Leaf Blower Uses

1) Blowing Leaves
Fall leaf season doesn't mean raking leaves for a week when you use the right size blower. By laying a tarp down and working in sections to blow your leafes onto the tarp you can make fast work of them by draging them into the woods, baging them up for collection, or blowing them into a pile in the street for city collection.

2) Clearing Grass Clippings
Perfect for clearing the drive and side walks. Probably the most popular use for the average blower is the after the grass cut and weed wack clean up.

3) Cleaning Out The Garage
No matter what you do the garage always seems to clollect leafs and debri in no time after you clean it out. Not only is the leaf blower perfect for cleaning out the garage, but if you hose it out it's perfect for drying it up afterward.

4)Clearing Off The Deck
The perfect choice for clearing the deck, patio, or flower beds to keep you yard looking good.

5) Motorcycle Dryer
If your like me and like to keep your bike clean and shiny then you know how hard it is to get at all the little spots. After washing your bike just break out the old leaf blower, fire it up, and blow out all those little spots. A little wipe down after and your good to go.

6) Car Dryer
Tired of towel or shammy drying your car or truck after you wash them? Break out the old leaf blower, give your vehicle the once over, and your good to go. Not only is it easy to get those hard to reach spots dry, but if you have a good coat of wax on your vehicle the blower makes fast work of the job.

7) Dryer Vent Clean out
*Warning* This should only be done with a electric leaf blower. Never run a gas blower in your house. Cleaning out your dryer vent should be done once a year. Not only is it a fire hazzard, but having a clean vent allows your dryer to breath drying clothes easier and saving money. Take the vent off the back of the dryer, stick the blower in the end, turn it on and clear it out. Make sure the exhaust end of the vent is clear of people or animals to avoid covering them with lint unless your favorite neighbor's standing by then it's at your discreton.

8) Declumping grass
Ever cut your grass when it's a little too long or wet? You get those unsightly clumps laying around. Take out your leaf blower  blow the clumps down dispersing them into the grass and your next door neighbor won't be asking dude what's up with the grass.

9) Cleaning Laves out Of Gutters
*Warning* Leaf Blowers have torque so make sure if your on a ladder you take this into account and work safely. Clearing leaves from your roof and gutters is another task the blower is great for. Not only does it make your house look better, but blocked gutters are asking for trouble.

10) Preparing Asphalt For Resurfacing
Usually a powerful walk behind blower is used for this task.

11) Preparing Flat Roof For Resurfacing
 A powerful walk behind blower is best for this task, but a good professional backpack blower will do fine if you can't get a walk behind up there or you only have the backpack available.

12) Dispersing Standing Water
Have some standing water to move? The leaf blower is perfect for moving it out and drying it up.

13) Construction Site Cleanup
A favorite choice on the construction site or outdoor remodeling project where alot of sawdust or small debri is created.

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