How to Use a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are one of the most ubiquitous pieces of home gardening or power equipment that you are going to come across. It seems that everyone has used a leaf blower at some point in their lives, however many people don't use them as efficiently as they could be. Take a look at these quick hints and tips and you'll finish your job quicker and easier than ever.

One thing you should always remember when it comes to using a leaf blower is that you should have a game plan, or a plan of attack before you get going. If you have a huge lawn or yard and you just walk out there and start blowing, you're going to end up going in circles with small piles every few feet and a whole lot of work left to do. It's just going to cost you more time and effort than is really necessary to complete your task.

Instead, think about starting on particular sides of your property, or corners. Blow everything from each side or corner into one large pile, and after clearing all of the perimeter you can then handle everything left over in the center. Lay out tarps beforehand so when you blow the leaves into piles, you can easily collect and transport them. This could significantly cut down your work time.

Additionally, if you have a vacuum mode on your leaf blower, you should know when the best times are to make use of it. Hard to reach places and small areas where rakes aren't very effective are ideal for a vacuum setting. For example, along the bottom of your fence a quick sweep with the vacuum will save you a lot of hassle as opposed to trying to blow or rake those leaves out of there.

You should also keep in mind that you're never going to pick up or remove every single leaf from your property. Loose leaves will blow by, get caught under something or otherwise avoid being piled up. Don't drive yourself crazy by backtracking for every single leaf. For particular tricky areas with many pieces of landscaping or other obstacles, consider finishing the job with a quick once-over with a rake to pick up the stragglers.

Finally, any talk of operating a leaf blower should mention a few general safety precautions. You should always wear ear muffs and safety goggles when operating a leaf blower and you should be careful about the clothing that you're wearing as well. Also keep in mind that you should never turn on a leaf blower indoors and that the spark plug should always be disconnected before any repairs or maintenance is performed.

Using a leaf blower is extremely intuitive and it shouldn't be too difficult for anybody to handle. Just keep in mind these few quick guidelines and principles and you'll be up and running with your new leaf blower in no time at all.

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