Best Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers

Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 125B Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

A perfect 5 out of 5 stars customer review rating.
 Review Highlights:
 -"well designed", "well balanced"
 -"feels solid"
 -"good power"
 -"sting easy to pull"
 -"starts easily"
 -"good air speed and blowing pattern"
 -"much quieter and lighter then my old Poulan"
 -"clears debris significantly faster than the other blowers I've used".
Of all the reviews we did not find any negative comments. The 125B fan housing is engineered so that the air stream is in line with the handle reducing rotational force and lowering stress on the arm and wrist. This also provides a nice balanced feel. Smart start design provdes up to 40% less resistance on the pull cord so it starts quickly with minimum effort. The 28cc engine provides air Speed of 130 mph (with round nozzle), and 170 mph (with flat nozzle). Overall the Husqvarna 125b is a relutionary handheld blower that is perfect for homeowner use.
Homelite Mightylite Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

Homelite Mightylite Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

4 1/2 star customer review rating. If your looking for a more powerful higher quality blower consider the Husqvarna above, but for the low price the Mightylite is a good blower. Recieving good reviews for being lite, easy to use, starting, and low price, the Homelite Mightylite is a good choice for smaller blowing needs such as grass clipping removal, small area leaf cleanup, blowing out the garage, and vehicle drying. It weighs in at 9 lbs, has a 26cc engine, and claims a 200 mph wind speed. Overall a good choice for the price.

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