Best Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulchers

Black & Decker LH5000 Electric Vacuum Mulcher Blower

Black & Decker LH5000 Electric Vacuum Mulcher Blower

4 out of 5 star customer review rating.
Review highlights include:
 * "relatively quiet and light weight"
 * "was surprised that it sort of pulverized the leaves making them easier to get rid of"
 *"sure makes a pain in the neck job easier"
 * "The steel propeller is a key upgrade as is as the zipperless bag"
 * "The variable speed knob is easy to operate and allows you to blow your clippings into pile at a lower speed before changing to the vacuum mode at a higher speed"
Cons include: "not as easy to change from blower to vac as my other Black & Decker blower was"
 *240mph blow speed
 *metal mulching impeller with 16:1 mulch ratio
 *variable speed switch
 *wide mouth and zipper-less easy empty bag
 *simple tool-free conversion from blower to vacuum
Toro 12 amp Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher With Metal Impeller

Toro 12 amp Blower-Vacuum-Mulcher With Metal Impeller

4 1/2 out of 5 stars customer reviews.
Review highlights include:
 *"Dragging a cord around is not that much of a hassle for me, and it is well worth the power to weight and noise ratio this blower has (not to mention its lack of required maintenence). In fact, it is more powerful and quieter than most gas-powered blowers, most of which do not vac."
 * "I think the vacuum works great -- it chews up big, thick magnolia leaves like nothing, and the fully adjustable speed control is much better than something that is either on, off, or maybe offers just two speeds."
 * Checked Consumer Reports for leaf blower; they said "The most powerful one we tested, more powerful than many gas models, yet quieter and cleaner."
 * "Bag did not hold up well"
 *16:1 mulch ratio
 *Rugged metal impeller
 *235mph air flow
 *12 amp motor
 *tool-free conversion from blower to vacuum

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